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    2015 Annual Meeting June 9 & 11

    Once again it’s time for our 2015 annual Owners’ meeting, there will be more news here soon, and you will receive formal notice of this meeting via snail mail. However, here is what is certain at this time, if a quorum of 58 Owners/Members (present in person or by proxy) is not achieved on Tuesday […]

    Annual Membership Meeting Tues 27 & 29 May 7pm @ Mail Kiosk

    The annual Goldenwood Membership meeting will be held at 7pm Tuesday May 27 at Goldenwood mail kiosk. If a quorum of 58 members is not achieved in person or by proxy the meeting will be continued until Thursday May 29 at the same place and time. The By-Laws waive the >50% quorum requirements and allow […]

    Email discussion list for Entry construction

    In tonight’s meeting (5/10/12), the need for a central email discussion list regarding the Goldenwood entry construction was brought forth.

    It now exists.

    At this point, anyone may sign up and anyone may post. You may also wish to receive all of the day’s mail in one daily post (digest version), which will be sent […]