Application for Property Improvement

Download and complete the APC Application for Property Improvement, provide all supporting documentation and email or mail to:

Goldenwood Property Owners’ Association (GPOA)
16104 Goldenwood Way, Austin, TX 78737

Architectural and Protective Committee (APC) Purpose of Application Procedure

The stated purpose of the APC in of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Goldenwood (CCRs) are to:

  • Ensure the highest use and most appropriate development and improvement of the property for residential purposes in order to enhance the value of the investment made by Owners in purchasing Lots in the Subdivision;
  • Protect the Owners of Lots against the improper use of surrounding Lots;
  • Encourage and secure the erection of attractive, appropriately located improvements on each Lot;
  • Preserve, so far as practicable, the natural beauty of the Subdivision;
  • Preserve the lines of sight and views from the Lots, and;
  • Secure and maintain the proper use of easements within the Subdivision;
  • Adopt procedural and substantive rules to accomplish these objectives.

The purpose of these forms are to systematize the necessary application submittal and review process required of Owners and the APC by Goldenwood’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, in particular those requirements of “Article Six – Architectural Protective Committee” and of “Article Seven – Land Use and Architectural Restrictions”, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Goldenwood (CCRs), related to when an Owner wishes to make “improvements” to their property. The Owner is encouraged to keep a copy of all APC correspondence, submittals and approvals in their permanent records for future documentation.

Guidelines for Building in Goldenwood

Download and review the GPOA Builder’s Guide.

“Article Seven – Land Use and Architectural Restrictions”

A 2-page Summary of Article Seven – Land Use and Architectural Restrictions.