Proposed Major Arterial Thoroughfare Near Goldenwood


Below article as published on City of Dripping Springs website:

Dripping Springs Holds Transportation Master Plan Virtual Public Open House 11/17/2020

The City of Dripping Springs is finalizing its Transportation Master Plan and will be holding a virtual open house for public comments from November 17 through December 8, 2020. A Transportation Master Plan is a planning document that defines goals and policies for a city’s transportation system and develops recommendations to prepare for future needs of the community. The Transportation Master Plan for the City of Dripping Springs will:

  • Promote safe mobility within the City’s transportation infrastructure
  • Develop a future transportation system that accommodates growth
  • Establish the ultimate roadway network and identify right-of-way needs to meet future growth
  • Identify mobility improvements

At this virtual open house, attendees will learn about the proposed Thoroughfare Plan and the Multimodal Plan developed as part of the Transportation Master Plan. Interactive maps will depict the enhanced and proposed roadways and the accompanying pedestrian and bicycle improvements. A sample of proposed roadway cross-section illustrations will also be included. Information about the planning and development process, including the public feedback and the interconnected agency plans, will be provided. Public input will be solicited at this virtual open house to help refine the final Transportation Master Plan before presenting the final document to City officials. Community feedback is critical to the success of the planning process.

The community can attend the virtual open house anytime over the three-week period, from Tuesday, November 17, to Tuesday, December 8, 2020. The meeting is virtual, so visitors can join online, at their own pace and convenience. Please visit here to make comments: