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    2015 Annual Meeting June 9 & 11

    Once again it’s time for our 2015 annual Owners’ meeting, there will be more news here soon,  and you will receive formal notice of this meeting via snail mail. However, here is what is certain at this time, if a quorum of 58 Owners/Members (present in person or by proxy) is not achieved on Tuesday June 9 at 7pm at the mail station, the meeting will be ‘continued’ until Thursday June 11 at 7 pm at the same place. Should the June 11 meeting be required, the GPOA Bylaws state that the quorum requirements are suspended.  In recent years a quorum has not been achieved on the initial attempt at a meeting.

    The general categories of the Meeting Agenda will be as follows:

    (a) Certify proxies

    (b) Approve 2014 minutes (see

    (c) Officer’s reports (President, Vice President, Treasurer)

    (d) Committee reports (Entrance, Fire, Architectural Protection Committee)

    (e) Election of three (3) Trustees for two-year terms:

    (f) Unfinished business (1826 entrance, part-time Manager, tax filing, notification procedures, ROW clearing, others?)

    (g) New business

    More details to be posted soon.

    Eilish Evans,

    Manager, GPOA


    Annual Membership Meeting Tues 27 & 29 May 7pm @ Mail Kiosk

    The annual Goldenwood Membership meeting will be held at 7pm Tuesday May 27 at Goldenwood mail kiosk. If a quorum of 58 members is not achieved in person or by proxy the meeting will be continued until Thursday May 29 at the same place and time. The By-Laws waive the >50% quorum requirements and allow that those present at the continued meeting on 29 May constitute a quorum.

    Email discussion list for Entry construction

    In tonight’s meeting (5/10/12), the need for a central email discussion list regarding the Goldenwood entry construction was brought forth.

    It now exists.

    At this point, anyone may sign up and anyone may post. You may also wish to receive all of the day’s mail in one daily post (digest version), which will be sent out at around noon each day.

    To sign up, go to

    Please remember that you need quote all the discussion previous to your post, as everyone who has been subscribed for a while has probably already received them.  You may certainly quote portions of previous discussion in order to establish context for your comments, of course.

    Archives also will exist for all those who are recent subscribers, or who wish to go back and see what was said earlier.

    Goldenwood Construction Update – 5/10/12

    Thanks to all parties involved in meetings this week in the ongoing project at FM1826 @ Crystal Hills Drive.

    The on-site meeting on Tuesday afternoon went well and provided communication between all parties on a productive basis.

    Wednesday afternoon I met with Brian Dudley, the citizens’ representative; Don Nyland, TxDOT District Manager; and Chase Botkin, Project Manager for Capital Excavation. This meeting reviewed, in detail, the project, the process of construction and associated areas of concern. A basic framework for concepts to address the Goldenwood sign, the Spanish oak tree and the adjacent wetland area were discussed. The contractor has provided a project schedule for the upcoming 3 weeks. (see attached)

    The detour road relocation is on track. At the request of HDR and CH2MHill, I contacted Dr. Guy Hodgson to ask if he would consider allowing enough width in the temporary easement to accommodate two-way traffic. He stated that he would be willing to allow it. HDR stated that the change would improve construction conditions for the bridge and possibly aid in the effort to save the west side live oak tree.

    It was decided how communications would escalate from the jobsite. There will be on-going construction on the north side of FM1826. No more clearing will be done on the south side of FM1826 State ROW until after meetings next week. Those meetings will be posted from this office.

    My sincere thanks go to Mr. Brian Dudley, Don Nyland, Allen Crozier, Richard Mayfield and Chase Botkin for their cooperative spirit and willingness to openly address as well as participate in a meaningful resolution to the problems and concerns.

    Ray Whisenant, Jr.

    Hays County Commissioner, Pct. 4

    195 Roger Hanks Parkway

    Dripping Springs, TX 78620



    Capital Excavation Construction Schedule

    Critical Design Failure- Detour Route Impact on Trees

    Dear Commissioner Whisenant,

    The Boards of Radiance, Goldenwood and Goldenwood West are requesting an immediate solution to the mis-designed temporary detour routing that critically threatens two 100-150 year old trees at the subdivision entrance.  Yesterday, representatives from all three neighborhoods met at the project site with Don Gardner, Certified Arborist.  The group viewed the road staking and construction plan drawings for the detour road construction and the associated 2-3 foot deep excavation under the trees’ driplines.  Additionally, I discussed this issue with Allan Crosier at HDR along with the planned start of construction next week.

    Mr. Gardner’s conclusion is that the trees will not be able to tolerate the detour route’s damage to the root systems and will likely not survive.  The protection of the largest and oldest trees has been a high priority for the entire life of the project.  The finished roadway is aligned to protect these trees, but the detour plan will apparently kill them.  We are available to meet today or tomorrow for discussions with project pricipals of a solution to this problem.  It may be necessary to postpone this Crystal Hills detour phase of the project until the detour is resolved and continue with the FM1826 portion.  The project must satisfy the arborists that tree protection will be effective.

    It is essential that this situation be addressed, and we are looking to you see that it happens.  Please contact me at xxx-xxxx regarding this immediate concern.

    Thank you


    Brian Dudley


    for Goldenwood, Goldenwood West and Radiance Neighborhood Representatives