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    Email discussion list for Entry construction

    In tonight’s meeting (5/10/12), the need for a central email discussion list regarding the Goldenwood entry construction was brought forth.

    It now exists.

    At this point, anyone may sign up and anyone may post. You may also wish to receive all of the day’s mail in one daily post (digest version), which will be sent […]

    Goldenwood Construction Update – 5/10/12

    Thanks to all parties involved in meetings this week in the ongoing project at FM1826 @ Crystal Hills Drive.

    The on-site meeting on Tuesday afternoon went well and provided communication between all parties on a productive basis.

    Wednesday afternoon I met with Brian Dudley, the citizens’ representative; Don Nyland, TxDOT District Manager; and Chase Botkin, […]

    Critical Design Failure- Detour Route Impact on Trees

    Dear Commissioner Whisenant,

    The Boards of Radiance, Goldenwood and Goldenwood West are requesting an immediate solution to the mis-designed temporary detour routing that critically threatens two 100-150 year old trees at the subdivision entrance. Yesterday, representatives from all three neighborhoods met at the project site with Don Gardner, Certified Arborist. The group viewed the road […]