August 1st, 6:30pm, Meeting with County Commissioner Regarding Crystal Hills Drive

Friendship Alliance has confirmed a meeting with Hays County officials regarding upcoming transportation impacting Crystal Hills Drive.

Thursday, August 1st, 6:30pm
Radiance Dome
108 Royal Way, Austin, TX 78737

If you cannot make this meeting, please consider writing Hays County Precinct 4 Commissioner Walt Smith directly:
[email protected]

The purpose of this meeting is to hear our County officials address the concerns of affected Hays County homeowners (and residents) whose sole entrance and egress, their only way to get to their home is traveling Crystal Hills Drive. If this scenario describes you, your life and your family’s, please come to this meeting.

This meeting will have a “speaker sign up” table for those wishing to speak for up to 3 minutes. Please arrive early to sign up. Due to time constraints we reserve the right to limit the number of speakers. 

Friendship Alliance has contacted the Radiance Dome building manager, and we have asked for the building be cooled down as much as possible in advance. The room may be warmish, because it will be August in Texas–nuff said. Friendship Alliance suggests everyone dress accordingly.

Please consider bringing:

  • Electric fans; and
  • Manufacturer-sealed, cold, non-alcoholic beverages to share with our combined community–please pitch in with your share, literally, to share with friends and neighbors as well as our honored guests from Hays County government.

The Dome will have plenty of coolers.  Ice will be available.