6/18 Meeting-Expanded Mark Black Hotel, Restaurant, and Event Center Project

We apologize for this short notice, but Commissioner Smith’s availability drives this scheduled meeting re discussion of Mark Black Wedding Venue most recent project plans. We believe soonest is best.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 7pm
Radiance Dome
108 Royal WayAustin TX 78737
Hosted by Friendship Alliance and Radiance Foundation

Residents and homeowners, POAs and HOAs in Goldenwood West, Goldenwood, Radiance, Ila Creek, and individual homeowners along Crystal Hills and Concord Circle located within the City of Dripping Springs’ 300-foot notification boundary. There will be a sign-up sheet for speakers; please honor the 3-minute speaking  time limit. 

People with potential conflicts of interest, including the Blacks and associates, their contractors, agents and attorneys, etc. are expressly not invited. They are welcome to organize and hold their own meeting. Please note: We ask you to bring your driver’s license or other ID showing your address, as we will be checking IDs at the door. Radiance Foundation is committed to providing our county officials an opportunity to speak plainly and directly to us in a forum that fosters open dialogue. 

Radiance Foundation owns the Dome, which is not a municipal building, and not public property. Radiance Foundation reserves the right to take all action necessary to ensure a safe and respectful meeting place. Please: no smoking, no vaping, no firearms, no knives, no alcohol, no glass items within 100 feet of the Radiance Dome. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We wish to thank the Commissioner for making himself available on short notice, and for his bringing County Development Services staff to this meeting. FA technical team volunteers will meet briefly with them before 7pm.

We urge all who attend to carpool whenever feasible, as the Dome has limited parking. 

We ask all attendees to prepare for this meeting by remembering  what is within County purview (e.g., septic systems, traffic/roads, EMS/Fire/Sheriff). Attention speakers: this is your obligation to focus your remarks, to help us run an efficient meeting.

To repeat: a sign-up sheet will be provided for those wishing to speak (limit: 3 minutes), a microphone and a timer will help us manage this meeting. 

Thank you for passing this information along to your constituents. 

We hope to see you there.

We appreciate good neighbors,

Jeanine Christensen
Friendship Alliance

a Texas 501(3)c nonpartisan nonprofit alliance of neighbors in northern Hays County and Texas Hill Country working to ensure water quality, protect aquifers, open spaces, rural character and our children’s access to public education