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    2015 Annual Meeting June 9 & 11

    Once again it’s time for our 2015 annual Owners’ meeting, there will be more news here soon,  and you will receive formal notice of this meeting via snail mail. However, here is what is certain at this time, if a quorum of 58 Owners/Members (present in person or by proxy) is not achieved on Tuesday June 9 at 7pm at the mail station, the meeting will be ‘continued’ until Thursday June 11 at 7 pm at the same place. Should the June 11 meeting be required, the GPOA Bylaws state that the quorum requirements are suspended.  In recent years a quorum has not been achieved on the initial attempt at a meeting.

    The general categories of the Meeting Agenda will be as follows:

    (a) Certify proxies

    (b) Approve 2014 minutes (see

    (c) Officer’s reports (President, Vice President, Treasurer)

    (d) Committee reports (Entrance, Fire, Architectural Protection Committee)

    (e) Election of three (3) Trustees for two-year terms:

    (f) Unfinished business (1826 entrance, part-time Manager, tax filing, notification procedures, ROW clearing, others?)

    (g) New business

    More details to be posted soon.

    Eilish Evans,

    Manager, GPOA


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