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    Please contact the webmaster with your questions about this website, or your board members for questions relating to Goldenwood.

    Non-Profit Corporation
    Board Of Directors
    Association Documents
    Managing Agent
    Annual Membership Meeting
    Directors Meetings


    Goldenwood Property Owners’ Association is a non-profit corporation chartered by the State of Texas May 18, 1982 to provide for the maintenance and preservation of common elements and the review of all exterior home and yard improvements. Membership in the Association is automatic with the purchase of a home in Goldenwood. The total number of Association member (lots) is one-hundred fifteen (115).


    The affairs of the Association are administered by an elected Board of five Directors who have a fiduciary responsibility to take appropriate action to uphold the common interests of the community.


    The Board of Directors is obligated to run the Association according to its recorded legal documents: Articles of Incorporation, Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Declaration of Protective Covenants, and By-Laws. Each homeowner should be familiar with the content of these documents. If you have misplaced your documents, they are available elsewhere on this web site.


    The annual meeting of Goldenwood Property Owner’s Association is held in June. The purpose of this meeting is for all GPOA homeowners to review the Association’s prior year activities, and budget and the coming year recommendations. The elections of Trustees occur at this meeting.


    The Trustees meet within 10 days after the annual membership meeting to elect Board officers (President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary).  Keep an eye on this web site or contact a Trustee or Board President for the time and location of the meeting. Please communicate with the President or Trustees if you wish to add a topic to an agenda.

    Homeowners are encouraged to attend the Board of Directors meetings. A portion of each meeting is reserved for homeowner input. All corporate records are maintained by the managing agent and are available for homeowner inspection on an appointment basis.